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Photography Process (Flow)

I put this map together of all the decisions to be made when setting up a shot:

It includes setting the scene, choosing the optics, proper exposure, shutter release and post-processing.

Music Stats

I pulled my Amarok music database data to see what kind of things I could learn about my music collection. I imported a CSV into google sheets and from there it was quite easy. If I ever pull new data I can paste it in and it will automatically generate new graphs.



Film Reviews

I don't study film theory or anything of that sort but I like to watch films fairly critically. There has always been several things that stick out to me, like shot length, lighting and editing. Those are my favorite things. Except awesome displays of force, cool sci-fi stuff and amazing dialogue. A masterpiece takes hitting everything just right without major flaws. But I don't like writing off a film entirely for one major flaw, even if it is dialogue or plot, as painful as those two are when missing. Instead I try to look for what a film does right.


Home Theater: Part I

The time has come for a new home theater. It took 15 years to build the first one and as consequence some of the equipment is so old it is not completely compatible with the newer equipment. There has been significant progress in the audio and video quality that is available, even in the last two or three years, that it's well worth it to upgrade the experience. In addition, innovations have brought more connectivity options and home (IoT) integration will bring a more seamless, enjoyable experience.

Building a Home Theater: Things to Consider

Target: These days Blu-Ray offers very high fidelity video with multi-track audio.

This is a checklist of things to consider when building your home theater.

Source Player:

It really ties the movie together

Big Lebowski graph

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