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Architectonic for Healthy Living

Thinking about happiness (or lack thereof). I finally understood that happiness is a mood. You can't "do" happiness anymore than you can "do" pissed off or envious. They're moods that are products of your action or circumstances.

So I've jotted down the beginnings of my own personal architectonic.

Updated: Apr/14/2016
Updated: Apr/03/2016
Updated: Feb/25/2016
Original: Aug/02/2014
Original link here.

  • Consciousness
    - Awareness
    - Openness to Experience
  • Knowledge
    - Facing the truth/Facing Reality
    - Knowledge of Self
    - Knowledge of the Universe
  • Responsibility
    - Taking Ownership for Yourself
    - Not Overextending Into What Others Own
    - Not Playing the Victim
    - Not Blaming Others
  • Freedom From the Past
    - Resent (Forgiving Those That Have Hurt You)
    - Guilt (Forgiving Yourself for Hurting Others)
    - Shame (Acceptance of the Past)
  • Self Respect
    - Individuality
    - Equality (Neither Inferior or Superior)
    - Dignity
  • Proficiency
    - Strategy
    - Skills
    - Logic
    - Tools
  • Purpose
    - Goals
    - Flow
    - Focus (on the task at hand and the overall goal)
  • Agency
    - Autonomy
    - Assertiveness (Standing up for Yourself and Not Compromising Your Beliefs)
    - Make Lemonade out of Lemons
  • Resilience
    - Grit (Inner-Strength)
    - Endurance
    - Discipline (Self-Control)
    - Integrity
  • Freedom From the Future
    - Wanting What Others Have (Jealousy)
    - Inferiority Compared to Others (Envy)
    - Acceptance of the Future (Anxiety)
  • Philosophical End
    - Excellence
    - Completeness
    - Consistency/Harmony

This is as far as I've gotten in life. Other things to include someday:

  • Acceptance
    - Not Having Expectations of Things or People
    - Accepting Your Circumstances
    - Acknowledging What You Can Do Well
    - Approving of Yourself Regardless the circumstances
    - Living Without Fear
    - Security
    - Sadness
    - Hope
    - Is it okay to accept those who do not meet your standards 100%?
    - Balancing the ideal perfect self with the actual self, the obtainable
    - Death
    - Gratitude
    - Assurance/Confidence value system is correct
  • Well Being
    - Self-Esteem
    - Self-Care
    - Living What You Believe
    - Living an Authentic Life
    - Listening to Yourself; Knowing Your Purpose; Doing That
    - Abolish the Ego
    - Virtue
    - Trust
  • Aesthetics
    - Art
    - History
    - Taste
    - Beauty
  • Divinity
    - Awe/Transcendence/Wonder
    - Joy
    - Serenity/Calmness
    - Centered
    - Balance
    - Sublime
  • Other selves; other minds
    - Treat others as ends not means
    - Develop Long Term Relationships
    - Live to help others, not yourself.
    - Benevolence
    - Love
    - Sexuality
  • Society
    - Service to others / charity
    - Relationship between government and society
    - Citizenship (Relationship between government and self)
    - Relationship between society and self
    - Also Family, other groups
    - Politics
  • What I Don't Know I Don't Know

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