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Bits and Pieces for an Architechtonic

Jotting down some notes.

Metaphysics. Standard stuff. Objective description of the universe. Objects, reality, truth, epistemology and free will. Bridge to science. I consider this the "outside in" approach and it ended with Nietzsche during the Romantic period.

Existence. I hesitate to call existence and metaphysics separate categories. But there are definite differences between the objective description and the subjective experience of the world. Kant pretty much nailed the objective description (although I agree it's starting to date) and I think philosophy took a subjective turn during the Romantic period like everything else. Ontology, perception, purpose, care, mind, identity, consciousness, thought, well-being and history. Anxiety, despair, shame. Attitude. Respect.

Action. Theory of justice, forgiveness, resent, guilt, education. Responsibility. Presence, flow.

Aesthetics. Not only the look of things but well-being as well? tbd.

Society. 1:1, 1:many, many:many. Other selves/minds. Relationships vs Politics. tbd.

Tools. Science. tbd.

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