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Does Aesthetics Go Far Enough?

I've been thinking about some newer philosophical questions of late and I cannot seem to find literature about the subject. Part of the problem is that I lack the vernacular to know what to ask about or search for online. I could not be wrong but these are not narrow questions, they seem to be almost entirely neglected thus far. Perhaps even more interestingly I think they fall under aesthetics in a way that makes the entire historical catalog of material thin and superficial by merely posing these questions. I don't want to give zero credit to the philosophical community some articles seem to have a glimmer of what I'm thinking about and maybe with more research I will discover others who have wondered the same thing and perhaps made more progress in flushing out the subject and its consequences.

Much of this revolves around extending aesthetics beyond art into every day life. This applies both the subject and object. The objects of everyday life, particularly objects of utility. Some artists take particular glee in taking benign utilitarian objects and fixing them up until they are so beautiful you wouldn't think of using them for their original purpose. It makes you question their intended purpose and to wonder what is their function really. It's an old debate. On the flip side there is almost no material on the personal moment to moment of life, what that can or ought to feel like. We've laid the foundation with phenomenology and ontology. Both of which are more recent works. Perhaps it's just timing and that one thought leads to the next and my questions are really just the natural next step in the development of a complete and consistent line of thought.

So with a much broader focus, one that integrates aesthetics with other areas of thought (e.g. ontology, existentialism, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, ethics) here is a list of questions I, in time, hope to answer:

  1. Is there an aesthetic value to all objects including utilitarian objects? Or is value completely subject?
  2. Is there an aesthetic value to experiences including the day-to-day or the mundane?
  3. If I am an object or a thing that can be experienced by others then of what aesthetic value am I? Is it purely superficial or can it be proven that my value extends beyond utility (ie that it is necessary not that we elect to because it makes us feel better about ourselves)?
  4. What does that say about reputation? Does it pay to develop reputation?
  5. What does that say about image and branding? Does it pay to develop a "personal brand"?
  6. How does reputation, image and branding reflect onto groups of people like corporations or an entire culture? Because it is recognized that groups of people do go to extensive efforts to develop their image.
  7. What aesthetic values should I adopt towards objects? Towards people? Towards particular situations? Towards the day-to-day (eg the arc of a single day, arc of a year (seasonality), arc of life, arc of society and culture including fads, arc of the entirety of humanity and the arc of the existence of all things in the entire Universe)?

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