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Multi Party System

The American 2 party system is long due for a replacement. Something that allows voice, change and something other than the words "Democrat" and "Republican" which essentially have become fairly vague and meaningless.

But I love enjoy the drama and the process of electing US Presidents. I don't consider it a handicap that we have a long time to get to know the candidates.

But I have thought of a system that would fix our election system while keeping the best parts. As it turns out it is almost exactly like the European systems I've seen:

Part 1: Party Head Selection
First, virtually an infinite number of parties are allowed. There would be some minimum requirements to being on a ballot and all state ballots (for President) will be the same.

Party heads can be selected any way you want. But ONLY party members select party heads. Republicans can have their own method, Democrats another. It doesn't have to be voting, open, or anything. It's up to the party members. If party members don't like it then don't be a member of that party. Join another one.

Once party heads are selected then televised debates can be conducted.

Part 2: Primary Election
Primary election proceeds as normal. Except instead of using this time to select party heads this is the actual election. There is no longer a General election.

Difference here is that in the case of a <50% majority then the top 2 candidates head to run off.

(Optional) Part 3: Run Off Election
A second election to choose between the two most popular candidates.

I'd like to point out that this does not address the electoral college. This is just one fix to a very large, complicated, broken system.

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